Soledad Arias – VOX

April 13th – June 1st, 2012

Soledad Arias Acoustic Wall

Soledad Arias I acoustic wall I detail I 2011

Alejandra von Hartz Gallery is proud and pleased to announce “Vox”, a group exhibition by three prominent artists whose art is both from and of language. Their practices involve all the media varieties of our time, creating meaning through the use or words and texts. Words as image, as beauty, as poetry, as visuals and sounds, as understanding.

SOLEDAD ARIAS: explores the materiality of language, the poetic, visual and phonetic dimensions of a text or a word as a two-and three-dimensional entity in the context of human relations. Arias exposes the intersection of the aural and the visual, one where words, text and involuntary sounds are transformed into a visible, physical form.

In acoustic wall #1, 2011 what appears like voiceless theater notations are more about what is not said rather than what is actually articulated. Yet at the end it is all the same, what we don’t see is just as important as what we perceive.

Soledad Arias will present as well a white neon sign, from her series “phonetic neons”, 2011-2012. In this series Arias distills the excess of language to make apparent an unintentional sound outlining a sonorous pause, an involuntary gap in between words.

2630 NW 2nd. Avenue , Miami, FL 33127, USA. Wynwood Art District



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