Gilbert Hsiao Interview

Brent Hallard interviews Gilbert Hsiao

Gilbert Hsiao

In response to Gilbert Hsiao’s exhibition “Jump and Flow” on view at Minus Space in Brooklyn, NY, Brent Hallard meets Hsiao to conduct an interview about his work for his blog Visual Discrepancies:

“I have never thought in terms of the quantity of information that the eye can hold or that the mind can process. Nor do I want to attack anyone’s eye. I think more in terms of ways visual information can be organized with the goal of achieving a perceived experience that is pure and total but at the same time not static. From my earliest forays into abstraction in the early 80s, I was thinking in terms of making a static canvas appear to move, whether in terms of it moving across the surface (on an x and y-axis) or from front to back (on a z-axis). If I create this movement it would result in a viewing experience that would require the observer’s involvement over a period of time, much as the experience of listening to music requires time.” – Gilbert Hsiao

Read the Full Interview


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