Girke Artforum

ArtForum Magazine Raimund Girke GALLERY SONJA ROESCH 2309 Caroline Street September 10–October 29 Raimund Girke, The Force of the Vertical, 1997, oil on canvas, 79” x 87”. White, one may conclude from the eighteen paintings by Raimund Girke in this exhibition, is most evident when sharpened by the contrast of grays and blues. In these works, characteristic … Continue reading

Raimund Girke in Literal Magazine

This Article In LITERAL 29 Benjamin Lima Raimund Girke: The German Informel. The Union of Opposing Tendencies Images courtesy of the Gallery Sonja Roesch Light in Rest and Motion:Raimund Girke’s painterly investigations The oeuvre of the German painter Raimund Girke (1930-2002) is a case of study in how the union of opposing tendencies can lead to … Continue reading